About us – Who Are Bearded Brothers Trail Running

The Bearded Brothers, Theo and Rae, have been adventuring together for more days and more kilometers than can be counted.

From the day they met they realised they shared a love for the gnarley, the dangerous, and the unknown. This site is a looking glass into their passion for adventure through the sport of Trail Running.

The Bearded Brothers are committed to pushing the envelope in life as well as on the trails so sit back, strap in and get ready to have your facial hair tickled with news, reviews and all things trail running brought to you by the Bearded Brothers.

For us the test of the trail is always so raw and pure, it’s you and the mountain going toe to toe, the unshakable spirit meeting an immovable object, if one goes out with one eye on ones limits and the other the trail that immovable object will crush you, only when you can forget your limits and put both eyes on the trail will you be able to go to heights you never dreamed possible.

We at #beardedbrotherstrailrunning are all about that.. Pushing further, throwing off limits, #rununshakable

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